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Office Reinstatement

More than 27 years track record (since 1993) in the Office, Factory & Clinic renovation. Our competent in-house designers, project managers, and office furniture production facility cater to your interior renovation needs. At Office Renovation - We Build Better Offices. Be Impressed. Quality . Creativity

Reinstatement Work for Offices, Laboratories and Factories

At Office Renovation, we provide reinstatement services for those premises that need to be reinstated before being returned back to the original landlords. If reinstatement is a requirement under the termination handover, you will be needed to restore the premises back to its original form before returning it. This process involves multiple steps, often making reinstatement a hard task to complete.

Scope of Commercial/Office Reinstatement Work

Typically, after some modification has been made to the existing commercial spaces to meet the tenant’s specific requirements, the responsibility lies with the tenant to get rid of all modifications, as well as remove fixtures and renovation items that were installed in the space. These works could commonly include:

  • Removing partition walls and false ceilings
  • Removing existing floor finishes such as carpet, vinyl tiles, porcelain tiles
  • Reinstating ceiling boards to an acceptable condition
  • Terminating power points and removing wiring, trunking/conduit, cables, and data points installed in premises
  • Remove unwanted sprinkler pipes and sprinkler points
  • Removing existing office furniture, cubicles, workstations
  • Relocating and reinstalling power points and the original lighting
  • Dismantling and removing the air-conditioning, diffusers, fan coils, chilled water pipes, and relocating ducting
  • Dismantling and removing internal doors, curtains, and blinds
  • Remove/reinstate unwanted raised flooring
  • Remove carpet glue
  • Repaint existing raised floor panels
  • Repainting the walls to the original colour
  • Thorough cleaning of the premises after reinstatement work before handover

Process and Cost of Reinstatement Works

There is no fixed pricing for office reinstatement works, as the cost will depend upon the complexity of your case and the extent of works required. Our process normally starts off with a no-obligation site survey, where our team will take time to understand the scope of works required before providing a formal quotation.

Please arrange for discussion with the landlord / building management office (MCST) for the as-built drawings, as we will need to have a copy of both the existing layout and the reinstatement M&E drawings for quotation purpose.

If you are reducing the current space and returning only a partial area to landlord, we can erect partition walls, as well as relocate existing furniture, electrical and aircon services to suit your new plan. We, at Office Renovation, will provide the required space planning and submission services that you may need to execute your plans.

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Office Reinstatement Singapore
Office Reinstatement

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