Why Phonebooth

Research states that noise in office workspaces can affect work efficiency and productivity in employees. A convenient solution for this issue faced is the Phonebooth.
Phonebooths have been upcoming in the market, specifically designed to combat effects of noise in open spaces, and at Office Renovation, we provide top-tier, high-quality Phonebooth setups for your company

These phonebooths are easy to set up and can be positioned at any part of the office. These phonebooth setups allow for a greater level of privacy and peace, which in turn benefits the employee, boosts their morale and increases productivity.

The phonebooths, here at Office Renovation, have been crafted to provide the user with maximum benefits while also being safe. The phonebooths are certified free from formaldehyde, and has a good indoor air quality reading. They have also received a high noise isolation class rating (TUV – 32 NIC), resulting in maximum noise cancellation for the user inside.


These phonebooths are the ultimate solution to those used to working from home or those companies with an open concept office. We, at Office Renovation, believe that our phone booths are the perfect solution to attaining privacy and tranquillity in the office, while also being convenient due to its ability to be up and running in a few hours!

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