YS-Open Shelf Cabinet


Wooden open shelf cabinet in melamine finishing

Product Code:YS-Open Shelf Cabinet

Delivery & Installation Charge: $80


Wooden color chart
*10% additional charge on premium colour selection.

Available Size (Customizable) :
600L x 450D x 750mmH / 750L x 450D x 750mmH
900L x 450D x 750mmH / 600L x 450D x 900mmH
750L x 450D x 900mmH / 900L x 450D x 900mmH
600L x 450D x 1200mmH /750L x 450D x 1200mmH
900L x 450D x 1200mmH /600L x 450D x 1500mmH
750L x 450D x 1500mmH /900L x 450D x 1500mmH
600L x 450D x 1800mmH/750L x 450D x 1800mmH
900L x 450D x 1800mmH

Lead Time:2-3 weeks

*All prices are subjected to 7% GST.

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